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June 12, 2007


Wally S

I'm sick of paying $8 for a box of blueberries. But my wife insists. Meanwhile the price of bananas is like, 99 cents a bunch, go figure.


Pricing for produce is obscene. Maybe I am a cynic, but I am highly suspect of the price changes as a result of "crop problems"

Sidenote, I noticed you are nominated for the Best blog about stuff over at the Blogger's Choice Awards (http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/5087) but that you do not have a badge here to promote yourself.

You should definitely grab the embed code and throw up a badge to promote yourself. You've got my vote today, but you'll need to promote yourself a bit to mobilize the rest of your readers! Best of luck!

Dan Baker

I'm not a big fan of fruit but my girlfriend is, and I've noticed that while prices are high overall, there is usually SOMETHING that ends up being a decent buy. My theory is that they increase the prices on most of it but always leave a certain percentage lower so they won't be seen as completely overpriced. Like the blueberry/banana example you gave. As long as there is one thing worth buying, they will buy the rest as well.


Dan makes an interesting point. I have heard about Walmart using a similar strategy - pricing certain items low - then they bank on us buying higher priced items too. Still, don't bananas come from far away too? I don't remember driving past a banana orchard during my cross-country road trips :-)

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