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April 26, 2007



I don't what planet you are on, but a majority of foodstamps go to folks who have retired from low-paying jobs, are agricultural workers, who by the way, work their butts off in the hot sun, just so people like you can go to air conditioned supermarkets and buy the produce at low prices because they were payed the minimum wage. I'm not only talking about migrant workers, I'm talking about hard-working, honest folks who are just trying to make a living and raise their families. I know teachers who get foodstamps, hospital workers, and, yes, the person flipping burgers at your favorite fast food place! My mother-in-law was raising her 18 month old granddaughter and her 3 year old grandson while she was still working at a factory that made auto parts. She didn't qualify for foodstamps just because she owned her own home. Her three living adult children gave her money for 18 years to help out with extra food, the extra amounts on her electric, gas, water, sewer, and phone bills. Would YOU do that for YOUR mother?! I don't think so! You would want her to put the grandchildren up for foster care or adoption.But these children were our blood kin. You see, everyone who needs that little extra help from the government are not just suckling at the government teat. Some are hardworking, honest folks who just didn't have the luck to be born into a family who had the money to send them on to college, or set them up in the family business, or had a trust fund. They didn't have a 4.0 GPA, nor did they get to go to a trade school and learn to get a better paying job. They had a family to raise, parents to help out, and mouths to feed. So try next time to not just look at the ones who are abusing that government teat.Look at the ones who really need that extra help to keep their heads above water. Believe it or not, there are American children going to bed hungry! Hunger and poverty know no borders. It is not just overseas, but here on American soil, too. Take off those rosecolored glasses, climb down out of that ivory tower, pull your head out of your butt, and take a drive out in the country. The folks you see working out in those fields growing the food you eat are hungry, too. Try eating only fried bread(like a pancake) and pinto beans, lima beans, etc. for a week, and you will be close to what they go through. Trully disabled people who can't work go through that all the time. I know; I'm one of them. I qualify for $11 in foodstamps. Wow! I'm just rolling in dough! By the time I pay my bills out of my check, I have, on average, $45 left. And that I have to save up for property taxes. So, Darlin', if you don't know what it's trully like, don't mouth off!



While I disagree with you, I appreciate your point of view and the personal nature of your family's Food Stamp experience.

Since you can afford a home internet connection... I doubt you're that hard up. Yet you still accept Food Stamps. That's a bit unethical.

When I think about our Constitution, the phrase "Life, liberty and the *pursuit* of happiness" jumps out. No one has the right to happiness or high quality food. It is PURSUED and EARNED. Happiness is not predicated on a college degree or high-paying job.

You think a college degree has anything to do with whether a semi-intelligent person can achieve self-sufficiency? That's simply not the case.

While many so-called professional jobs require a degree -- the government provides low-cost educational loans to anyone with a pulse. Even someone of modest means can go to Community College at night... or online.

Why don't you drive into the city and remove your head from your posterior...and you'll see plenty of so-called "highly paid" workers who are clearly unhappy.

The amount of problems that money solves can be counted on one hand.

As for the migrant workers and Americans who "work their butts off in the hot sun," I'm willing to bet most of them CHOSE that life. A lot of people enjoy working outdoors. I see a lot of construction workers around town who love their jobs. They may not be the smartest kids on the block... but they work hard... build things of great value to society... and earn more than enough to take care of their families.

Folks who work the land perform a noble service. But if they're going to wail and complain about their life 20 years down the line... I'd ask, "Why didn't you read a book? Why didn't you even attempt to better yourself?"

It's not the consumer who's to blame for their low wages. What am I supposed to do? Show up at the check-out counter and say... "You know, I'd really rather pay $3 for this apple"?

Then there's the matter of children. I'm sick and tired of people who can't afford kids having a family and then running to the government (and taxpayers) to "bail them out."

Of course people fall upon hard times... life throws them a curve ball. But there are many who exist on the expectation that the government can and should subsidize their life.

I know not all children are planned... accidents happen... and I would NOT advocate abortion or putting them up for adoption. But I'm sick of what seems to be a large group of citizens who simply muddle through life with no direction... no glimmer of common sense... and somehow I'm supposed to chip in to help them get along.

Meanwhile I don't own a home. I've been renting for 7 years... and I don't expect the government to show up bearing a down payment check. If hard working folks in my age bracket didn't have to pay social security, Medicare, etc. taxes (which we will NEVER benefit from) then we could easily afford starter homes.

So don't whine and moan about property taxes... at least you own property. That's an achievement worth noting.

There were always be haves and have nots. I'm one of the many Americans who fall in the "middle." And I'm not alone when I express angst about subsidizing other's mistakes and weakness -- with money that could be put to better use.

I wish you and your family the best of luck. I levy no personal attacks - but all the same, I don't expect an ounce of agreement. Thanks for reading/contributing to this BLOG.


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